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About Biokinetics

Biokinetics is an exercise focused rehabilitation profession. Biokineticists use specific exercises as our mode of healing and correcting various injuries and conditions. Biokinetics covers a wide range of injuries, diseases and even work with the “healthy” population to improve everyday living or sport performance. Biokinetics works with all sorts of conditions, from reconstructive/corrective surgeries (ACL repair, Labrum repair, ankle replacements etc) to lifestyle diseases (Diabetes, Cardio Vascular Diseases, Hypertension etc) to neurological diseases (Parkinson’s and stroke) to physically impaired clients as well.
Biokinetics has a broad field but specifically focuses on using exercises as treatment, whether the exercises are basic or advanced it is up to the clinician to decide where to begin and that is done using a screening protocol which is adapted to the client’s needs from a thorough history taking.


Dan Grobler Biokinetics

This is where we both completed our internships. Dan and his team were very instrumental in our development as Biokineticists and helped us grow our passion for this profession.

Crossfit BMC Steenberg

We are currently working out of Crossfit BMC Steenberg they have welcomed us into their family and made us feel part of the family.

Physiotherapy At Home

We believe in a holistic rehabiliation approach and work very closely with the physiotherapists at PAH/HNA. They are a physiotherapy team who have interests in the functional rehabilitation of neurological and orthopaedic patients as well as care of the elderly. They have over two decades of rehabilitation experience and offer a home based service which allows them to tailor patients rehabilitation needs specific to their home environment.