Why do we not advertise prices?

Each session differs from person to person and as such we do not have a flat rate as we might need to do more for one person and less for another so all prices vary according to what is done.

Do you work with other professions?

We have a network of health professionals with whom we work closely with, and they include Physiotherapists, Dieticians, Occupational therapists, Podiatrists, general practioners and orthopedic surgeons.

Can we help with your diet?

As Biokineticists we can only give guidelines for diet, but we do work with a dietician and are happy to refer you to the correct people when needed.

What do we base our treatment/rehab sessions on?

We keep up with the latest research articles and ensure that the studies are of a high quality before using the suggested exercises, we are also part of a weekly meeting where we discuss new research trending and are part of a monthly meeting with other health professionals as well.

What age groups do we work with?

Biokinetics can work for all age groups each exercise is adaptable and able to be broken down into different parts and then pieced together again depending on the needs of the patient.

What conditions/injuries do we work with?

We work with a wide range of different conditions and cover the entire body. From neck pain, shoulder pain (including rotator cuff issues, Thoracic outlet syndrome “pins and needles down the arm”, glenohumoral labral tears), chronic lower back pain, sciatica, hip flexor tightness, knee pains (from ACL reconstructions, arthroscopies, jumpers knee, runners knee, growth spurt pains “sinding-larsson-johansson syndrome”) and ankle injuries (from sprains to fractures). We also work with improving Range of motions and increasing strengths in areas that are lacking. We are also able to work with a number of other types of conditions , such as stroke patients, diabetic patients and patients who are at risk of coronary artery diseases (CADs)

Can we give advice for a specific condition?

We do not give advice about conditions as each person is unique and even if two people present with the same symptoms and injury it does not mean what is done for the one will work for the other. That is why we do a full assessment before prescribing exercise.

What is Biokinetics?

Biokinetics is a field in the health profession, where we focus mainly on using exercise as our form of medication. For all our treatments we use some form of exercise in alleviating pain or improving functions of daily living or even to take sport to the next level

Do we work with elite athletes?

We have worked with elite athletes, from Ironman competitors, cricketers, professional soccer players, semi-pro rugby players, runners to cyclists. We have worked with many other sports people, from ballerinas to weightlifters.

Do we work with medical aids?

Yes, however we are a cash only practice but once you have paid us and we have sent you the receipt you are able to claim back from your medical aid if you still have savings available.