Fitness Related Work & Conditioning

The strength and conditioning sessions are tailored session to fit the individual needs of the client. A thorough history is taken and an idea of the needs and wants of the client is also taken into consideration when preparing the test protocols necessary for program design. An individualized periodized program is set out for the client and is reviewed throughout the process.



The Wattbike is a stationary bike/cycle ergometer which has magnetic and air resistance. It has an extremely accurate measuring system using watts as measure. The Wattbike has the potential to unlock a sportsmen’s potential and abilities. It is a different approach to training and is widely used and accepted by top Strength and Conditioning, and rehab centers around the world. With the Wattbike we are able to do testing of; power, anaerobic thresholds, and Vo2 Max estimates. The data available from the Wattbike is unparalleled and we have found it to be vital in our strength and conditioning programming as well as numerous testing protocols. Wattbike has pioneered indoor power training since 2000 with an obsession to create the ultimate indoor cycling experience.

Recommended by:

– Eddie Jones (Head Coach of England Rugby)

– Lucy Gossage (6X Ironman Champion)

– British Cycling (Only bike ever endorsed by British Cycling)